VirtualBox HDD updated

Added by Igor Pashev over 9 years ago

There is a new virtual disk image file for VirtualBox.
It is previous image updated from recent APT repository [1].

Almost all system libraries are updated from source (versions like 2.10-x).
There are several 32-bit libraries required for older stuff to run (e. g. init,
or svc.startd). But those libraries are not marked as dependencies.
So be careful and to not delete them until remaining components are rebuilt
from sources (and finally for 64-bit!)

How to use this image:

  1. Download it from
  2. Unpack with unxz
  3. Create a new virtual machine in VirtualBox, type Solaris 10, 64-bit
  4. Point to unpacked VDI when adding a hard drive.
  5. Start VM
  6. Login as "root" with password "root".
Note that it is not possible to boot this image with Qemu:
  1. The kernel fails to import root pool
  2. Network is not available
  3. Boot archive upgrade fails, and thus no console login. Sorry :-)

The first issue can be fixed from LiveCD [2]. I used this command on Debian amd64:

qemu-system-x86_64 -m 888M -hda dyson-vb-2012-12-24.vdi -cdrom dyson-bok-2012-05-22-2338.iso -boot menu=on

Just after Qemu starts, press F12, choose boot from CD. When LiveCD is booted login with "root" and reimport root pool:
zpool import -f dyson

Then reboot. After that you will get farther issues :-)